About us


Founded in 2004 by two associates with over 10 years experience in the pharmaceutical business, Vectem Impex has as main activity the import and marketing of dermato- cosmetics.

Shareholders: 2 privately owned. Vectem Impex`s clients: independent pharmacies, pharmacies networks, specialized online stores, distributors of medicines and para-pharmaceutical products. The product line is imported from Vectem SA Spain, founded in 1965 as a pharmaceutical and dermato-cosmetics laboratory.

Vectem applies pharmaceutical stringency in the formulation and manufacturing of all its products. It has 51 years of experience in the market, 50 technicians and business partners. Allocates 5% of its budget to R & D department, which represents 10% of human resources.

Main brands: Tractopon (bestseller), Pon-emo Xheken, Vectorident, Xhekpon.

VECTEM Impex SRL organizational values

  • Honesty


    We are honest in that honestly tell who we are and what we want, we provide truthful information about our products

  • Utility


    We are making ourselves useful in the service of our clients with personal and professional resources that we have

  • Perseverence


    We are persistent in offering products with prices accessible to as many customers at a standard High quality

  • Trust


    We believe in our products and achievements in ourselves as a team and we want to instill in our clients this value

  • Servitude


    Speak with conviction the values ​​that we believe in assertive image and corporate identity

  • Devotion


    We are fully committed to the vision, mission , values and company goals