Frequently asked questions

Dry skin, chapped is very common; the use of detergents, excesive heat, so-called intolerance, hands` "atopy", menopause can cause, and the only solution is hydration. Use with confidence Tractopon cream 15% urea for hands and for the legs start applying Tractopon cream 30% urea eventually covering the area after applying the cream with a cotton sheet or material. That way is increasing its effectiveness. When you have good results, skip to the daily care with Tractopon 15%.

Whether on cold and wet weather the skin responds by redness, pain means that you suffer from perniosis, ie abnormal skin reactivity to cold, local circulation changes that cause inflammation. Apply the Mahiou cream 2 times daily by gentle massage on the areas exposed to cold and wet; it will reduce the local inflammatory process, ie redness and swelling and will also prevent the occurrence of such phenomena; Wear cotton clothing that is easily tolerated on skin. Masage also the articular area with Mahiou cream; because all are based on inflammatory phenomena, Mahiou cream reduces the swelling, pain and increases mobility.

Both his father, and you suffer from peripheral venous insufficiency. To stop the evolution towards other manifestations (stasis dermatitis, venous ulcers) is best to consult a dermatologist, also to wear elastic stockings to help circulation and massage 1-2 times / day with Emocold cream. The massage is done from ankle to knee. Soon you will feel a sensation of freshness and relief, will reduce swelling feet, and their nocturnal restlessness will calm, assuring a quiet sleep.

Use Tractopon cream on all areas of dry skin and on the calves and feet apply Emocold cream to improve circulation.

Use Protesud cream. It contains exactly what indicates any medicine treaty for hyperhidrosis (excessive sweating). Unfortunately, few products on the market contain substances specifically recommended by those in the field. Apply in the morning Protesud cream on listed areas small amount (about 1 cm long cream) and massage to get into the skin; Protesud stops that extra sweat and will help cure the fungus.

Apply from the second trimester on exposed areas to skin stretching Xheken cream, 2 times / day. Is it safe in pregnancy and is aimed at preventing rupture of elastin fibers responsible for stretch marks. In addition its emollient texture helps dry skin.

YES, but starting early. Xheken stops first appearance of the stretch marks, meaning that irreversible process of breaking elastic skin fibers.

The first answer would be to go to doctor for a proper medical treatment. What can we do? To recommend you a cream that cleans the hulls and softens dry skin. Better said apply Tractopon 30% urea on the affected areas, and right after the treatment prescribed by doctor. Helps you to rapidly absorb the active ingredients into the skin.

We can say that greasy scalp, meaning seborrhea provides to fungus that causes dandruff exactly what needs, an appropriate environment for development; this fungus is lipophilic, meaning it feeds on what is fat and as long as this environment exists and causes dandruff. The only solution is to treat you with something specific to kill fungus and reduce seborrhea. Apply Pon Emo gel 3 times / week for 1-2 months, then for maintenance effect once a week.

Firstly, use a shampoo to hydrate it. We recommend Pon Emo Collagen, which contains, according to its name: collagen. It is very hydrophilic, meaning attracting water and thereby increases the thickness of the hair by 6 times. It's a substance in the skin, our hair and acts like a binder that fills restore areas of hair split. Immediately after shampooing, apply either as conditioner or mask Xheken Capillar. It is the "miracle" treatment for damaged hair.

Then you must try Vectorident cream. It contains sodium bicarbonate, fluoride and allantoin. Apply a small amount on the toothbrush as a pea. It has a life of about 3-6 times higher than a usual toothpaste. Fluoride content makes it very useful to children to prevent tooth decay. Add to toothpaste, mouthwash Vectorident is economical,it is used in much smaller quantity, by dilution and ensure a proper hygiene and fresh breath.

It's true that it's not good to depend on a cortisone preparation. Side effects are numerous. Try to apply immediately Mahiou cream. It works on the inflammatory process in a manner similar to cortisone preparations and calms the skin (does not mean they can replace local corticosteroid treatment recommended by doctors for serious diseases).

For sun-stressed skin use Xheken solution. It contains aloe vera and collagen that repair and restore skin. The solution is useful both after solar aggression, but also for flaccid, wrinkled skin (sometimes as a resulting feedback to years of sun exposure), for skin that has undergone laser treatments. Same results has on damaged hair, dry, applied immediately after shampooing and rinsing.