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Tractopon offers a range of urea creams to care and improve the appearance of skins, or skin zones, which are dry, rough, thick, scaly or prone to chap.

Tractopon helps to reduce thick and dry skin conditions, which can eventually show as roughness, calluses, desquamation, or reach the point of chapping. It provides a pleasant sensation of softness and helps to relieve the itching coupled with dry skin condition. It contributes to lessen the depth of chaps in the horny layer and to restrain the formation of new ones. Skin recovers its flexibility and good appearance.

Tractopon in its version at 15% urea is a suitable cream for the care of the skin of diabetic people, typically

prone to be dry and scaly.

How to use:


Tractopon 15% and 30% urea: Apply once or twice a day. Wash and dry the skin and thereafter apply the cream rubbing it gently in with a massage, and specially insisting on the driest and roughest zones and on heel chaps. Its regular use obtains very good results. It leaves no oily after feel.

Tractopon® 15% urea: After a professional treatment by a podologist, removing or reducing callosities, corns and chaps, the regular use of Tractopon® lengthens the skin’s good condition and slows its thickening down. As a general care of feet, for not too dry or chapped skins, it is enough to apply the cream 2 to 4 times a week to keep the skin moisturized, smooth and with good appearance.

General (hands, knees, elbows, shins)

Tractopon 15% and 30% urea: Apply once or twice daily or every other day according to the dryness and roughness of the skin. Massage the cream until absorbed. It leaves no oily after feel.

Tractopon® 15%: Use regularly to protect and recover the skin of the hands from the strain and chaps caused by cold and damp.


Avoid applying the cream on zones with cuts or on blood producing chaps, as urea causes itching on open skin.


Tractopon combines a suitable emollient base, of smooth but not too greasy touch, with ingredients that hold beneficial properties for the care of dry, rough skins and/or with a tendency for developing hyperkeratosis:

  • Urea , aside from increasing the moisture of the horny layer, thus remarkably improving dry, scaly, chapped skin conditions, cleans dead tissue of desquamated skin and helps to restrain the excessive or chaotic growing of the horny layer which, due to this disorder, desquamates in an accelerated way, or else produces rough or very thick zones that develop into callosities.
  • Vitamin F is a mixture of polyunsaturated fatty acids (PUFA), among which outstand linoleic and linolenic acids, essential for the skin. Topically applied, their emollient, protecting and nutritive properties supply a remarkable improvement of dry, scaly, devitalized skin, because they take part in the regeneration of the responsible elements of the maintenance of the skin’s moisture and of the flexibility and cohesion of the horny layer.
  • Lanolin , is made up of a mixture of fatty compounds, very similar to the natural skin grease. It contributes to replace and maintain the optimum level of fats within the epidermis, keeping the skin flexible and avoiding its dehydration and desquamation.

Presentation: 40 ml tube

Dr. Monica Darmanescu

I recommend Tractopon cream with urea 30% to patients with very dry and thickened skin with accentuated localized hyperkeratosis at the heels, elbows, and other thickened areas (hands, fingers). Apply once or twice per day, depending on the degree of hyperkeratosis, and having also emollient properties due to the content of Lanolin and Vitamin F. Along with these active ingredients, urea, besides the moisturizing effect, helps remove exfoliate skin and slows the excessive growth of the stratum corneum, maintaining epidermis in its normal limits.

Dr. Monica Darmanescu, Dermatologist, Dermaceutica